Get On The Likes Ride To Buy Instagram Followers App

It’s uncanny how a characteristic introduced by the intention to express one’s feelings has become a characteristic to seek one’s validation, how the number of double taps on a screen has begun to be a unit to measure one’s prevalence, how a series of digits have begun to define one’s identity.

To buy instagram followers app these days are being given too much of importance. Constantly monitoring the number of likes on one’s post has become an important chore for some youths, to the extent where they grow anxious if they are disdained to do so.

Why have we become so addicted to likes?

So the reason a like is so addictive is that it gives us a psychological high. It’s the same feeling we get when we receive a compliment. The simple explanation of why a like gives us a psychological high is because a hormone called dopamine kicks in when we get a like. Dopamine is released in our body in pleasurable situations.

I understand receiving feedback especially positive feedback makes you feel good about yourselves and that’s what an Instagram like does, but if you really want to feel good about yourself and a like helps you do so, why do you need to be glued to your phone? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone ‘express’ a compliment in real life in your presence than you reading it in black and white on your couch?