High-quality piano/synthesizer covers and arrangements

Sitting down for composing piano covers, you should immediately understand what goals are being pursued: to make a real cover, bring something new or something unexpected into the composition, or else make your transcription of the track, which is not much different from the original in sounding.

Many young musicians, sitting down to make piano covers of somebody’s songs, first go to the Internet in search of MIDI files with a song of interest. After downloading the coveted file, a person imports it into a workstation, getting a MIDI project broken into tracks and parts. This option is incredibly convenient for a musician of any level.

Do not limit yourself and your musical horizons. Use MIDI covers as one of the most effective instruments. Actually, this is one of the best ways to grow as a musician. Therefore, it is worth trying not only to find a source for a cover in a different musical style but to make a MIDI cover in an unusual manner of performance Piano cover.

How to cover a song?

Do not forget that the public expects from a cover to feel “your vision” of musical material. And if we are talking about piano covers, then accuracy and reliability of performance are the essential factors for the public.

Original or own key in piano covers?

Many performers believe that it is first necessary to try to perform a cover in the original key, in which the composition was written and recorded. Try to transpose the original song into a one that is comfortable for the piano.