What are the benefits of Cashcat loans in the Philippines?

Even though online loans impose very high interest rates, they serve those people who have no other options. And provided that the outstanding amount is paid off fast, the borrower won’t accrue that much of debt. Cashcat is one of the major aggregators, collecting information about various offerings on the market. 

Advantages of Cashcat

First, the Cashcat loans work much faster as compared to similar products offered by banks. 

Second, these services are highly convenient since all operations are done on the web, without the need for office visits and phone calls. 

Third, there’s usually no need for collateral and guarantors, making such payday lending easy to get. 

Fourth, Cash cat lending facilities are available to a wide swath of the Philippines society. Anybody aged from 17 till 65 and having a source of income can apply. 

Borrowers can contact individual lenders directly, but it’s more efficient to talk with the so-called “aggregators” who bring together the payday loan offerings from dozens of facilities all around the country.