Paper wallets for bitcoin and anonymity with Bestmixer

To protect your bitcoins, you need to pay attention to the safety of their storage. All storage methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and you need to choose based on what your future plans. The smart decision is the devitrification of the storage and improving the anonymity with mixers like Bestmixer.

What you should know about paper wallets

A paper bitcoin wallet is similar in function to a computer wallet, although it looks like a simple sheet of paper. However, it is fully responsible for the electronic security of your wallet. In order to get a paper wallet, you need to print the key on paper and ensure its subsequent safety. If the key is detected by a stranger – the cryptocurrency may disappear. It is important to pay attention to the preservation of the key. On the other hand, electronic keys are also not 100% protected. A hacker attack, theft or computer breakdown can also contribute to the loss of cryptocurrency. In any case, improve your safety by using a bitcoin mixer that will make tracking almost impossible.


There are many options of storing your Bitcoin, which all have their pros and cons:

  • Exchange and online wallets. The popularity of the method is due to its simplicity and convenience. The negative characteristic here is weak security, and such wallets are often hacked
  • Program Wallet. Such a program exists for each digital currency. It is easy to download it from the official resource. The user installs the software on the PC stores BTC there. The advantages include the fact that the funds are constantly under the user’s control, as they are stored on the PC. However, the responsibility lies on the user any virus can damage the wallet
  • Cold storage. This storage of Bitcoins on a computer or other device that is not connected to the Internet. Security here is one hundred percent. The disadvantage is the inconvenience of use.