Best Truck Manufacturers in Europe

If you want to work as a trucker, you need to get the class A CDL first. Then, those who buy trucks to work as long-distance truckers mostly look at the truck’s brand and the level of trust it has among other drivers. In Europe, it is not too profitable to buy “no-name” trucks having low levels of presence in the market. The trucks themselves may be quite affordable, but the possible repair services and parts to buy will almost certainly become your problem. So, here are three of the most respected European companies manufacturing trucks.


The durability, safety and comfort levels speak for Mercedes trucks the best. The only point that one should consider is the price of such trucks. For big logistic and transporting companies, buying Mercedes trucks is not something too expensive. However, individuals and smaller companies may find these German tractors unaffordable.


The Italian manufacturer is specialized on commercial trucks, so they offer trucks, busses, minivans and small city trucks. Economical fuel consumption combined with reliability and comfort let Iveco be among the top trucks in Europe and the entire world.


The main advantages by Volvo are their reliability and adjustability. Additionally, numerous authorized service centers all over Europe significantly simplify the point of repairs and part searches when necessary. Volvo trucks are not the cheapest, though their price is completely reasonable and paying you back. Among European drivers, Volvo are thought to be the safest, most practical and durable trucks.