Paper wallets for bitcoin and anonymity with Bestmixer

To protect your bitcoins, you need to pay attention to the safety of their storage. All storage methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and you need to choose based on what your future plans. The smart decision is the devitrification of the storage and improving the anonymity with mixers like Bestmixer.

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The Peculiarities of Software Testing Companies

Let’s be honest, when you first heard about software testing companies, you didn’t quite understand what’s the point of their existence. Surely, the big software companies have their own divisions that deal with program testing. On the other hand, there are so many little companies or single developers who cannot afford to have such a division. That’s where software testing companies come in handy.

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3 Must-Have Small Biz Revenue Growth Strategies for the New Year

What will you do differently in the New Year to help your small business grow? I recommend first optimizing your existing and most effective marketing activities before you initiate any new projects.

By improving strategies already working, you’re almost guaranteed that the extra time and money you spend today will ultimately help your small business grow affordably and swiftly. You already know the strategy works, now you just need to optimize it to enhance its performance.

Too often small business owners look for new initiatives to spur sales. I disagree with this approach. The reality is that you’ve probably been using effective strategies, but just not to capacity. By optimizing current strategies, you’ll save time and money and likely increase revenue more quickly.

Here are three revenue-optimizing marketing strategies:

#1 – Tie Your Marketing Activities to Environmental Triggers

What is a trigger?
According to Jonah Berger, author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On, “Triggers are like little environmental reminders for related concepts and ideas.” He adds that sights, smells, and sounds can trigger related thoughts and ideas, making them more top of mind, ultimately increasing the possibility of customer action.

I agree with him. Let’s put his concept to work for your business…

Let’s say you own a small local eatery that serves breakfast and lunch. You’re satisfied with your breakfast sales; however, your lunch sales are flat. To increase lunch sales, try inserting a trigger. For example, when you prepare and display your daily lunch special in front of customers ordering to-go-breakfasts, you’ll likely increase the chances of these same customers returning to purchase your lunch special. When your customers get hungry later, having seen and smelled your lunch special from the morning will likely trigger their memory about your eatery learn more here.

Another Example
Perhaps you own a small auto repair shop. Most of your business includes oil changes, tire rotations, and tune-ups. However, you also sell tires and you’d like to sell more of them. When a snowstorm or heavy rain strikes, display your all-weather and snow tires more prominently during the week of the storm, and include signs on top of the tire stacks with specific sales copy promoting the purchase of new tires, e.g., “This week only, when you purchase a set of all-weather tires, you’ll receive free rotate and balances for two years.” By tying your promotion to an environmental influence, your tire sales will likely increase.

#2 – Tie Your Marketing Initiatives to Your Customers’ Habits

The moment you attach your marketing efforts to your customers’ habits, you increase your marketing strategy’s effectiveness.
For Example:

Many people run errands during their lunch hour. Make your service part of your customers’ errands. Let’s say you’re a hairstylist seeking to optimize your salon marketing strategies. Your lunch hour business is slow. To increase business, post a sign at your station describing a lunch hour promotion, such as “LUNCH HOUR SPECIAL: Always receive 15% off a wash, style and blow dry from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Don’t worry – we’ll get you back to work in time and looking great!” People will run errands, so the idea is to become one of their errands.
Another Example

If your customers are more likely to respond to email first thing in the morning, before they’ve left for work, then have your emails waiting in your customers’ inboxes for when they first sit down with their morning coffee. Most professional email services report email open times and allow for scheduled distribution. (Mine does. I use Constant Contact.) What’s more, most email services report who opened your email in addition to the day and time. This said, consider segmenting your customer email database by the time of day. Send the same email, just at different times, helping to increase your open rates.

#3 – Tie Your Marketing to Popular Events & Holidays

Generally speaking, as a small business you don’t need to educate your customers about shopping seasons because big businesses such as Walmart and Target essentially take care of this for you. The key is to take advantage of this influx of customer spending by tying your products and services to that very holiday or event. Certainly many of us are already tying our products and services to highly popular holidays; however, are your messages and offerings optimized?

For Example:
Let’s say it’s wintertime and you own a landscaping business. It’s your off-season and your primary service is snowplowing. How about piggybacking onto the biggest shopping season of the year – Christmas, Hanukkah and others? What do the majority of your customers do starting the week surrounding Thanksgiving? They decorate their homes indoors and out! Consider offering an outdoor holiday decorating service. You have the equipment, you’re already taking care of your customers’ properties, and most people will decorate their homes. All you need to do is let your customers know. The reason for them to decorate already exists; you’re merely optimizing your winter services.
Improving your existing marketing strategies generally takes less time than implementing a new one, and the return is more cost-effective. What’s more, by repeating and improving upon your current activities, you’re compounding your efforts, creating momentum. It’s momentum that sustains affordable and efficient small business growth. It’s what will underscore your healthy revenue growth in the New Year.

Marketing Consultant Sharron Senter is the founder of Senter & Associates, a Boston north boutique marketing communications firm that helps small businesses grow revenue by creating useful, high-quality, distinguishing content. She uses a blend of online and offline advertising, PR and social media strategies that work concurrently to build momentum and expedite small business growth. Sign up for Sharron’s FREE monthly marketing tips at

Students invent gadgets to make life simpler, reduce energy consumption

You fold your transparent mobile phone so that it fits into your wallet and charge it on the way to office using your helmet. While in a meeting with your boss, you switch on your washing machine with your phone. Your fancy jacket runs your laptop as you make an award-winning presentation. If this sounds like a sci-fi movie script, you may soon be a part of it.

Flexible, single-layer mobile phones, solar jackets and helmets for energy generation and storage on-the-go and smart power out.

The transparent and foldable mobile phones are made of graphene, the new super material in the tech industry that’s extremely thin, strong and flexible.

The bulky solar panels of today could soon be replaced by aesthetic ‘solar trees’ near your offices and homes with ‘leaves’ made of small panels to generate electricity.

Fluid and flexible solar panels that can be moulded into any shape can make current solar panels a thing of the past as India targets generation of 100 GW.

How to Use Web Content Marketing?

Web content marketing is a term you learn when you think about growing your business. It’s essential in the digital era. Let’s find out what it is and which role it has in the business development?

The meaning of the term

Web content marketing is a way (method, etc.) to spread the content around the web in order to attract new visitors. Content is the most important element on the Internet and now people are more interested in not only access to the information but in its quality. That’s what makes them stay on the website longer or make a purchase in a certain store. Unless you sell or offer something unique that is very trending and isn’t sold anywhere else, you should devote much time to creating high-quality content. Click here to find a team of professionals who can help you in this field.

How to build a successful web content marketing strategy?

Today, just to know a lot or have good content is far from enough. You need to know how to deliver this knowledge to a wide circle of people. In order to do it, you’ll need a strategy and some other important things. Understand that teamwork is important and help your employees work together to achieve the best result. If you have a small business and do everything alone, you should study the targeted audience and think about how to appeal to their needs. Create a unique voice and divide your content so that it was easier to grasp everything. There is also another way, you can hire a company that will provide you with a dedicated team of workers. They are sure to create and optimize and automate your content.

Laughter may be best medicine for brain surgery

Neuroscientists at Emory University School of Medicine have discovered a focal pathway in the brain that when electrically stimulated causes immediate laughter, followed by a sense of calm and happiness, even during awake brain surgery. The effects of stimulation were observed in an epilepsy patient undergoing diagnostic monitoring for seizure diagnosis. These effects were then harnessed to help her complete a separate awake brain surgery two days later.

The behavioral effects of direct electrical stimulation of the cingulum bundle, a white matter tract in the brain, were confirmed in two other epilepsy patients undergoing diagnostic monitoring. The findings are scheduled for publication in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Videos of the effects of cingulum bundle stimulation are available, with the patient’s identity obscured.

A space rock collision may explain how this exoplanet was born

Cataclysmic collisions between space rocks have helped explain some of the solar system’s biggest mysteries, from how the moon formed to how Uranus got its lopsided rotation. But convincing evidence for such events happening outside of the solar system is scant.

Now scientists think that they have found the first known example of a near head-on collision between two massive worlds in another planetary system, roughly 2,000 light-years away from Earth.

The chance discovery came while researchers were observing Kepler 107, a sunlike star with four orbiting planets first described in 2014, to determine each planet’s mass. Surprisingly, the star’s two innermost planets, each roughly 1.5 times the size of Earth, have dramatically different masses, the team reports February 4 in Nature Astronomy. Analysis of each planet’s mass and size revealed that Kepler 107c is roughly twice as dense as Kepler 107b. That finding suggests that Kepler 107c has a large iron-rich core, similar to the solar system’s innermost planet, Mercury, the scientists say.